We are dedicated to your personal and professional empowerment.


Adventure into the exotic world of ancestral wisdom of Ecuador within the awe-inspiring Amazon Rainforest and the Andean Energy Vortex.   A life-changing journey of self-discovery.

Be empowered.
Discover & develop your authentic & inspiring leadership.

Is your career decision really your life passion? Seek what makes you truly unique & happy. Find your passion in this self-discovery, Life-Coaching process.

Be inspired by world-renown gurus and engage in stimulating dialogues with thought leaders to blaze a personal break through.


MAGIC is what happens when you step outside your comfort zone. 

When a Swiss-Czech & an Ecuadorian-American left to Chile, it never occurred to them that a night in the theatre would change their lives forever. 

This is when Beyond Be Extraordinary was born.

  • Master in Law
  • Master in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Vice-President ICF Ecuador Chapter 2017
  • Advanced Integral & Ontological Coach
  • Certified in Values Coaching 
  • Participatory Leadership Facilitator
  • Experiential Learning Facilitator

  • Master in Conflict Resolution
  • Master in Transpersonal Psychology
  • Professor of master’s courses at USFQ
  • Professor of MBA at UDLA
  • Advanced Integral Coach
  • Certified in Values Coaching
  • Experiential Learning Facilitator


We surrounded ourselves with amazing people. 

Ivan Vallejo

Ivan is the first Ecuadorian and the third American, to conquer the summits of the fourteen highest mountains in the world, without supplementary use of oxygen. Ivan offers lectures on motivational talks and guides high mountain tours.

Julia Helena Carrillo

Julia Helena is Country Manager of Ipsos Consulting International. She has vast experience and knowledge in methods of collecting quantitative and qualitative data. She has been responsible for studies for companies such as Gallup World Poll, World Value Surveys, Latinobarómetro, among others.

Ricardo Stoyell

Rick is Managing Director of Stoyell Branding Latin America. He was Executive Vice President of Rivas Herrera / Y & R Ecuador until January 2016. The Marketing Hall of Fame chose Rick as the “Marketing Man of the Decade” in 2010.

Matthew Carpenter-Arevalo

Matt is the CEO of Centrico Digital, a boutique digital marketing agency. He worked as a Manager at Google and Twitter. He received a master’s degree in Philosophy from Oxford University.

Jaime Ocampo

aime is Dean of the Public Health Program and General Manager of Medical Systems (SIME) of the USFQ. He was also Medical Manager at the Hospital de los Valles. Jaime received a PhD in Medicine and an MBA and PhD.


The fear factor

The fear factor

I identified an interesting pattern while I provided individual coaching to numerous people from different organizations, from executives of the largest companies of Ecuador to employees of micro and small enterprises. I found a common element of fear in most of these...

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11 Life Threatening Experiences

11 Life Threatening Experiences

Waking up in a hospital bed, cold objects attached to my limbs and a machine vociferously informing me that I was still breathing. I slowly read the sign posted to the side of the bed: “You are in SF General Hospital. Your head hit the railway track and you suffered a...

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Entrepreneur: From Superhero to Extraordinary Leader

Entrepreneur: From Superhero to Extraordinary Leader

The entrepreneur is a dreamer, passionate, innovative, he leads and motivates others and he seeks to improve the world. Apparently, he is tireless, he forgets to eat and sleep and he often postpones his wellbeing for a greater purpose. Actually, if X-rays came out if...

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