Welcome to your 7-week Transformational Journey! 

Your adventure through the Internal Map continues by exploring and developing your capacity to open yourself to LOVE and be loved.

“AFFECTION is our capacity to be loving, to transform our emotions into affections

and impulse them to strengthen our relationships through action.”

 To begin exploring this capacity, follow these 3 easy steps:

1. SEE the video to deepen your understanding of this center.

  1. OBSERVE yourself during the entire week. Use the POWERFUL QUESTIONS to guide your reflective process. We recommend you register your observations.

1.   In what moments do I permit myself to feel and express tenderness, compassion and/or vulnerability? Are there spaces where I think it is inappropriate? What would happen if I exhibited these capacities in these spaces?

2.  Do you feel gratitude often? In what context could you be more grateful?

3.  What is more challenging for me, to give love or receive love? Register examples

4.  What are the possible fears I observe that may be limiting my capacity to love and be loved?

5.  Are there people I feel resentful towards and have not forgiven? How does this affect you? What would have to happen for me to forgive?

6.  Observe your thoughts, emotions and behavior:  When do you exhibit a tendency towards Compassion? Equanimity? Sentimentality? Indifference?


  1. ACTIVATE your AFFECTION Capacity by practicing the movements presented in the video. Use the MUSIC LINK we have provided to inspire you.

Find an appropriate time and space to practice the movements during the entire song. Allow the body to guide you and permit different movements to unfold.



  1. Exaggerate whatever movement your body wants to make
  2. Express yourself through sounds
  3. Keep your eyes closed while moving
  4. Breathe deep
  5. Allow visions, images and memories to play out


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