The entrepreneur is a dreamer, passionate, innovative, he leads and motivates others and he seeks to improve the world. Apparently, he is tireless, he forgets to eat and sleep and he often postpones his wellbeing for a greater purpose. Actually, if X-rays came out if his eyes I would NOT be surprised! So why would an “entrepreneur-superhero” need a coach? Doesn’t he have it all under control?

Unfortunately, like all human beings, the entrepreneur also has a blind spot. As the car driver does not see at some point the car in his rearview, the entrepreneur is the driver of his business and does not always see everything. That’s why the coach can support developing or strengthening communication and management skills, emotional intelligence, as well as the ability of motivating, solving conflict, planning and creating, among many others. Furthermore, the coach can support the entrepreneur develop new belief systems that may help him go from a “say-yes-to-all” to have the capacity to say NO.  Instead of being a start-up junkie he/she can actually  finish what he started, or make his/her peace with money and success. In short, the entrepreneur becomes a leader with better skills and achieves goals successfully and more quickly. In the end, you can be behave like a Superhero entrepreneur, however, this does not make you an extraordinary leader.

A coach can also support entrepreneurs improve their posture and body language to reflect more confidence, strength, leadership, influence, power or joy. In these areas, the work of the coach is subtler, deeper and aims for a personal transformation to live a fulfilling and happy life, being able to nurture healthy relationships with oneself and others.

Julio Olalla, one of the lead promotes of coaching in Latin America, states that, “Coaching is a learning space where people reflect and find the best of themselves.” Yet in order to find the best of myself, it is necessary to recognize that I can improve and that I need help to achieve it. I coach successful entrepreneurs in Ecuador. These Superheroes-entrepreneurs have expressed to me the importance of meeting others of “their kind” in a safe and confidential space, and have the opportunity to talk about the difficulties and pains they encounter in this sinuous path of becoming an extraordinary leader. From this honesty and vulnerability, each entrepreneur finds new perspectives to look at their situation and develop tools to lead with greater motivation and openness.


David Lamka,

Co-founder Beyond Be Extraordinary

Twitter: @dlamka

Facebook: dlamka